June 26, 2012

The EEF Ignores Walker's Plight

Update: Stable Hand points out one reason the EFF may be ignoring the Brett Kimberlin you-know-what issue - George Soros funds Brett Kimberlin's whats-his-name's non-profit, Justice Through Music. Soros is also a big contributor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Just out of curiosity, a few weeks ago I contacted the Electronic Frontier Foundation about Walker's situation. In case some of you don't know, the EFF boasts it protects the right of bloggers to remain anonymous and specifically works (so they claim) to shield bloggers "from frivolous or abusive threats and lawsuits."


The reason I wrote the EFF is because I thought Walker's case was a perfect example of both tactics being use to silence bloggers - frivolous lawsuits and threats (swatting). I would think a defender of blogger rights would jump on this high profile case.

I explained the tactic of "swatting" as it is being used to attempt to silence several bloggers. (I also linked Patterico's detailed report.) I asked if they would take a stand against the exposure of Aaron Walker's real name, or at least make a statement against the use of "swatting," since the EFF claims to be an advocate of protecting anonymous bloggers.

Of course, I've received no response. Not that I really expected one. The EFF is notoriously leftist. One EFF Director, Jillian York, stood idly by while Dick Silverstein exposed an anti-jihad blogger living in Israel. Once the blogger's real name and address were posted by Silverstein, putting the blogger and his family in grave danger, York actually commented "Oh, good."

(Hmm, feminists, stalkers, #occupiers, and traitors. But who's missing?)

Since Walker and Patterico's nightmare with swatting and frivolous lawsuits began, the EFF took the time to attack Rush Limbaugh. the EFF also took the time to attack a Mitt Romney campaign finance co-chair. And the EFF has dedicated much time and effort defending Wikileaks.

But nowhere has the EFF taken even a moment to defend right-wing bloggers against the liberal hate machine. Maybe the EFF is just blissfully ignorant. But given past experience, I doubt it. I suspect they are sitting back, enjoying the show. Maybe there's a whisper of "Oh, good." here and there. Maybe.

(Just a side note, I contacted EFF on my own. I was not asked by Walker or by any of those involved with his case. I did so out of personal curiosity and past experience blogging about the organization.)

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