June 24, 2012

Sen. John Kerry: Forget Everything You Know About The Muslim Brotherhood

@ikhwan aka Freedom & Justice Party

Lurch, the domestic dhimmi, speaks with forked tongue: "Don't prejudge the Muslim Brotherhood"

....“In our discussions, Mr. Morsi committed to protecting fundamental freedoms, including women’s rights, minority rights, the right to free expression and assembly, and he said he understood the importance of Egypt’s post-revolutionary relationships with America and Israel,” he added. “Ultimately, just as it is anywhere in the world, actions will matter more than words.”
Some of the Democrats love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer "behind the scenes". The "freedoms" he spoke of are non-existent in the Muslim Brotherhoods "play book," better known as Shariah law.

"actions will matter more than words".

Nuff said.

Update: It's all better now!!!


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