June 24, 2012

Issa on ABC "This Week" on Fast and Furious, Holder Contempt Charges & Obama Executive Privilege

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Oversight Watchdog Darrell Issa (R-CA) discusses Attorney General Eric Holder's stonewalling of the truth about Operation Fast and Furious, President Obama's assertion of executive privilege over the deadly gun walking operation documents, and next week's vote in the US House of Representatives to hold AG Holder in contempt of Congress.

6-24-12: ABC News' This Week

Remember Brian Terry, who's death brought Fast and Furious to light.
On December 14, 2010, Brian was conducting operations as a member of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit in Nogales, Arizona. Brian and his team were targeting a “rip crew” who seek out to rob and assault drug runners. When Brian and his team encountered the 5 individuals in the “Peck Well” area near Rio Rico, Arizona shots were fired and Brian was shot in the lower back and mortally wounded during the exchange of gunfire and succumbed to his death on December 15, 2010.
Two months later:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata, on assignment in Mexico, was murdered by drug cartel members, who also wounded his partner. The gun that killed him, an AK-47 knockoff, was traced back to a gun shop in Dallas.

Last week, Zapata’s family filed suits against the ATF, ICE and the FBI totaling $50 million

The two agents’ death come in addition to the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans killed with F&F weapons in their country’s lethal drug wars.

This is NOT a political witch hunt and to believe such one would have to have their head in their arse.

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