June 22, 2012

Allah's Brave "Mujahideen" Murder 14 Civilians in Kabul

Just a reminder of who and what we are fighting in Afghanistan:

Fourteen Afghan civilians, three security guards and an Afghan police officer died in the attack, said Mohammad Zahir, criminal director for Kabul police.

“The attackers entered the hotel and suddenly opened fire on families having a late dinner,” Zahir said. “The hotel was crowded. Some of the guests jumped from the window into the hotel yard. They were hiding under trees or any safe place they could find.

“Three of the guests jumped into the lake and hid in the water,’ ‘ he added.

This isn't a post calling on the US to fight all evil everywhere, nor is it here to try and convince you that we need to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. It's just a reminder to the idiotic left and those Muslims who support the "resistance", equivocating us and them, that there is no real basis of comparison: We're the good guys, they're the bad guys. When we do something bad, it's a mistake. When they do something bad, it's intentional.

If you don't understand that difference, please do us all a favor and kill yourself. You'll be helping the gene pool and our great-great grandchildren will thank you.

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