June 22, 2012

Alexander Waterland Charged in Internet Threats Aimed at U of Pittsburg

Undated police photo of Waterland

Another reason why the Jawa Report bloggers call YouTube JihadTube:

Via PittNews

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice criminally charged a Loveland, Ohio, man suspected of producing the Anonymous YouTubethreat against Pitt.

United States Attorney David J. Hickton announced that Alexander Waterland, 24, “has been charged with making Internet threats and violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for posting on YouTube a video and a comment, which threatened the University of Pittsburgh.”

The YouTube video, posted by the account AnonOperative13 on April 26 and titled “Anonymous Message to The University Of Pittsburgh,” claimed that a collective named Anonymous had stolen more than 200 gigabytes of data from Pitt, including student and faculty usernames and passwords, payment information and coursework. The video still remains on YouTube.[More...

h/t commenter on Patterico's post Brett Kimberlin's Planned Lawfare For The Summer?

Apparently, Mr Anon Waterland works/worked for a online prescription drug service and apparently used a device from the Mason company he works/worked for.


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