June 21, 2012

Liberal-Speak: What's The Difference Between "Gays" And "F@ggots"?

According to gay, anti-bullying activist, Dan Savage, "gays" are homosexuals, but "f@ggots" are Republican homosexuals:


Of course, the progressive, liberal left must agree with him, as none have spoken out against the comment. In fact, the commenters at The Huffington Post are overwhelmingly in favor of Savage's slur. But only as it applies to Conservative gays, because the commenters there are, you know, tolerant and unbigoted and all.

Even gay support groups like GLAAD and LGBT have yet to speak out against the insult. Only GOProud has come out (no pun intended) and condemned the use of the term. But they are the one Savage was slurring.

(It should be noted that GLAAD hypocritically is calling for the removal of a Hispanic program that uses the same objectionable term Dan Savage used to refer to gays. But for some odd reason, GLAAD doesn't seem to be offended when he uses it. Go figure.)

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