June 20, 2012

Terrorist Takes Hostages at Toulouse Bank


Three months after the killings of Toulouse and Montauban in which Mohamed Merah had killed seven people, many individuals are being held hostage in a bank in the Pink City by a man claiming allegiance to al Qaeda.
Earlier in the week two female police officers were murdered in Collobrieres France after they confronted a Muslim man who was purse snatching. One officer fled after the other was shot, the killer followed her into an alley and shot her in the back seven times.

Nothing to see here, move along. Nope not a thing. Racists!

Update: One of the four hostages have been released.

Update II: The situation has been resolved and the hostages are safe and the terrorist was only slightly wounded. Some are describing him as a mental case, we're glad to see the press as finally come around to the idea that support of Islamic terrorist groups is a mental disorder.

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