June 19, 2012

Democratic "Adults" Heckle Children Singing Patriotic Song

This is the "tolerant" left. I put the word adults in quotes in the title because its questionable. They may be old enough to be considered adults, but they certainly don't have an adult mentality. The kids were better behaved and more civil than they were.

Despite months of rehearsal, these kids were barred from singing the patriotic song at a school musical. The principal thought it might offend other cultures. So she opted for a racy Bieber tune instead. (The Bieber song was later dropped from the program as well.)

So, several of the parents arranged to have the children sing the song outside the school. They invited Congressman Bob Turner, who is currently running for a Senate seat. Bob showed up to support the kids.

This is what happened:

Too bad there weren't a few more supporters, maybe Patriot Guards, to shield these kids from the hate and filth spewed by those liberal hecklers.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

More info on this event at Rush Limbaugh. Bob Turner for U.S. Senate campaign site HERE.

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