June 19, 2012

A Registered Democrat, No Doubt


Mozart Morris can't vote. At least not legally. For one thing, he's dead. For another, he was a dog. But if he was a democrat, I'm sure he could get around those obstacles by simply returning his voter registration card.

The Voter Participation Center, an organization dedicated to getting voters to the polls, sent Mo a registration card. The center claims to be non-partisan, but a brief glance at the staff bios leave much to doubt. One director worked for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection where he analyzed climate change. Another at Obama for America in the media department.

Maybe mistakes like this can happen, especially if telemarketing lists are used to determine a voter base. But in a delicious irony- Voter Participate Center recently released a video about a cat getting a voter registration. A dog "spokespet" mocks the cat for thinking it could vote in a people election:

Silly, cat. Voting is for dogs.

BTW, note the non-partisan caption about the video, which was posted by the non-partisan Voter Participation Center at vimeo:

The non-partisan Voter Participation Center has produced a comic video to call attention to the absurd environment conservative activists have created as they try to prevent efforts to register voters.

"Conservative activists" preventing Voter Participation Center's efforts to register voters. The Voter Participation Center focuses on women and "people of color" whom the organization claims is underrepresented in voter registrations. So, Conservatives, according to this non-partisan group, are actively trying to prevent minorities from voting.

Yeah, it's just dripping with non-partisanship.

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