June 19, 2012

North Carolina Democrat Party (NCDP) Considers Anti-Israel Resolution

N.C. Democrats disown racist' state candidates except...

Which would "criticize Israel for it's occupation of Palestine"


Via Pirates Cove

(Daily Caller) The North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) is seriously considering passing a resolution that would criticize Israel for its “illegal occupation” of Palestine, the latest in a long line of controversial moves coming out of one of the major battleground states President Barack Obama’s team is banking on to win re-election.

The resolution didn’t pass at this weekend’s NCDP state convention, but was tabled and referred to the executive committee for further consideration later. It attacks the United States for providing Israel with “$3 billion annually in military aid,” while the “Israeli occupation, disenfranchisement and impoverishment of significant numbers of the Palestinian population, and Israel’s overwhelming military might and its role as the only nuclear power threaten stability in a region witnessing increased demands for democracy and an end to autocratic rule.”

So, is it safe to say @NCDP is part of the Free Free Palestine/Pro Hamas/BDS/Islamists Useful Idiots group?

If this passes:

It would also, if passed, mean the NCDP would advocate its congressional delegation bring “all parties, including Hamas, to the table to negotiate an end to the Israeli Occupation and a secure peace based on the 1967 borders,” among other things.
Remember Obama and the 1967 border thingy? Yes, he went there.

h/t Moshe Ben Avram

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