June 18, 2012

Occupy Oakland protests in FAVOR of child sex trafficking


Former ACORN workers?

Snippet via Zombie

On Wednesday, June 13, members of the Occupy movement protested against a conference dedicated to combatting child sex trafficking — thus, the Occupiers in essence were coming out in favor of one of society’s most loathsome moral crimes.

The protesters mostly were members of Occupy Oakland Patriarchy, a group within the overall Occupy movement tasked with overthrowing our civilization’s “patriarchy.”

The conference which so infuriated them was called HEAT Watch, short for the National Human Exploitation And Trafficking Watch Conference.[...]

The following links are for those interested in further exploring the Occupy justification for this protest:

The “Put the Heat on the H.E.A.T. Conference” Facebook page functions as the official site of record for the protest. As you can see, the Occupiers are quite pleased with how it turned out.

occupyoakland_child sex trafficking.jpg

The protesters’ own post-protest report can be viewed at Bay of Rage, and really needs to be seen to be believed; “unapologetic” doesn’t quite capture the zeitgeist. Here are a few quotes from the report — click the link to read the whole thing:
Whores get revenge

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2012, queers and hookers and other bad bitches fucked up the H.E.A.T. Watch conference. H.E.A.T. Watch is an ongoing campaign facilitated by the Alameda County District Attorney, The City of Oakland, the OPD, and a few select piece-of-shit non-profits.

We set out with the intentions of shutting the fucker down and started the event with the distribution of some dope literature, some inflammatory speeches, the harassment of mainstream media and of course, the all-out taunting of the police. It got taken a step further when the crowd attempted to enter the lobby of the Marriott Convention Center. This all resulted in a rumble with the pigs, the vandalized facade of the convention center entrance with eggs and paint, and a march to and from Oscar Grant Plaza. We would say that this was a nice way to spend an afternoon and, for a brief moment, fulfilled our goal of shutting the fucker down.

To our enemies the DA Nancy O’Malley, the christian scum bag Linda Smith and all the pigs and other such trash attending the conference: this is only a small taste of what some pissed off hoes are capable of. We acknowledge your invitation of war against sex workers and all those subjugated by the continued existence of capital. Bring it on motherfuckers.

Against exploitation,
Bitches who will fuck you up.

Read it all Besides more images, Zombie also has a couple videos.

Clueless, scum of the earth supporting child sex traffickers.

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