June 18, 2012

IDF: Egypt forces scouring Sinai for 3rd terrorist

Good luck with that Israel

The IDF on Monday ruled out the possibility that there may be additional terrorists in Israel, while Egyptian security forces were searching Sinai for a third terrorist thought to be involved in an attack along the border with Egypt Monday morning. An Israeli workman and and at two terrorists were killed in the attack.

The IDF re-opened roads in the area and lifted the order for residents to stay at home after confirming that the threat of additional terrorists in Israel had been removed.

Responding to the attack, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel expected the new president in Egypt - whoever it is - to retake control of the Sinai Peninsula and to clear it out of terrorist infrastructure.

"We expect the president to take responsibility for all of Egypt's international commitments including the peace treaty with Israel and to ensure security arrangements are in place in the Sinai to stop these kind of attacks," Barak said during a meeting with his Polish counterpart in Tel Aviv, as reports of Egyptian election results began to emerge.

The Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi is claiming he has won the election. The vote tallies won't be announced until Thursday, but that doesn't stop Hamas from congratulating him

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