June 18, 2012

The Force Is Strong With Max Page


Doctors on Thursday performed successful open-heart surgery on the 7-year-old boy who starred as a mini-Darth Vader in a popular Super Bowl commercial, according to the Los Angeles hospital where he was treated.

Max Page, who was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, is expected to remain hospitalized until next week and be in recovery for another six to eight weeks, said Lorenzo Benet, a spokesman for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

"The surgery today went well," Dr. Vaughn Starnes, who did the procedure and is co-director of the heart institute at the hospital, said in a statement..]

Max, a young actor who has appeared in soap opera "The Young and the Restless" and NBC crime show "Prime Suspect," has been treated at Children's Hospital Los Angeles since he was an infant. He serves as a junior ambassador for the facility.

On Wednesday, Max spoke to reporters and said he realized he had to undergo the surgery and so he decided to have a "good attitude" about it.

Prayers for your quick recovery young one.

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