June 16, 2012

Did You Say Stuxnet? Flame?


Oh my, must read of the day:

Our surveillance of Stuxnet starting 2009

You remember the huge demonstration in Iran in 2009, we were working with Anonymous against Iran and had many operations going on in Iran. The year stuxnet deployed.

@Geraldanthro - the primary sabotage operations against Iranian targets were green lighted in 2009.

Project "Olympic Games" was underway for
approx. 4 years, before President Obama took office in Jan 2009.

Anonymous had an Iranian spy in its ranks causing problems and ask us to ferret him out, it was a rocky relationship, we turned up two spys embedding text in jpgs. We tracked their IPs and the IPs of anonymous members they were trying to recruit. The Anonymous Commodore was furious said we exceeded our authority and fired us.

All data deleted to NSA standards.

We continued operations against Iran independently. And we ran into Stuxnet on some servers in 2009, of course we didn't know that.

Server in Iran compromised. Who is launching the scan? Is it a random script kiddie or maybe a bot farm, using the Iranian server? A sophisticated attacker may actually use some simple "script kiddie" tools first, in order to hide out in the noise of bot and kiddy probes. What computers are they taking over?
And port 5900 (VNC) appears to be the main attack method.

Discovered Targets: 1867
First Reported: xx.xx.xx
Most Recent Report: xx.xx.xx

.It is a "Ministry of Jahad" server...."

It was and suspected it was Anonymous an ally and didn't interfere or even investigate the penetration as we had our hands full with our own operations, using around 100,000 BSU's. Bot Surveillance Units. 06/2009. And documented the discovery here:

Iran was so perplexed they fired top nuclear scientist and knew their nuclear
PCs were in trouble, PC reported every thing was OK, while centrifuges were spinning out of control, self destructing. It got so bad they had man with walkie-talkie setting watching the centrifuges radioing just what he was seeing.


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Very, very interesting to say the least.

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