June 14, 2012

Egypt: Pious Salafist (Sheikh Ali Wanis) Caught Red-Handed in Sex Scandal

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Dirty Deeds NOT Done With Sheep

Sheikh Ali Wanis, an Egyptian parliament member and prominent figure in the Nour Party—the Salafi party which preaches a return to Islam's earliest practices based on Muhammad's practices—was recently caught in a "compromising position" with a female other than his legal spouse(s).

According to official reports, police found a parked car on a dark, farm road, and went to investigate it. They found a man, with the Salafi trademark beard, in an "indecent position" with a "young girl," who later was reported 19-years-old.

He tried to lie his way out of but failed so he accused the police of setting him up. His fellow pious Islamotards have come to his rescue
And what did his "ultraconservative" and "upright" Salafi colleagues do—they who constantly preach "morality," the need for the hijab, and the segregation of the sexes"? Did they renounce him? Perhaps a bit of public whipping, to atone for his sins? Did they, in "righteous indignation," do what two Egyptian brothers recently did when they thought their sister was being "immoral"—slaughter her, the mother, and aunt?

Not at all. After Friday prayers, hundreds of protesting Salafis marched out in the street with Wanis, shouting anti-police slogans and conspiracy theories.

Just as Egyptian secularists have long argued, Islamists like the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood hide behind a mantle of piety and morality—yet, when it comes to it, such piety and morality is apparently not something they strive to live by, but rather a weapon to use against non-Islamists, who are always portrayed as immoral and corrupt.[More]

He should have stuck to sheep and goats.

File this under Ministry of Hypocrisy.

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