June 12, 2012

IRGC Promoting the Murder of Apostates Using Canadian Servers (Updated)

Note Iranian dissident Shahin Najafi is the subject of a fatwa calling for his execution due to alleged insults to Islam.

iWeb of Montreal has provided essential services to the IRGC, its overseas units (e.g. Hizballah), and its clients (e.g. Hamas), for years. The most recent site I reported on was basijpress.ir. A decade of following these sites, their operators and their service providers leads me to one of two possible conclusions:

1. Person or persons linked to the IRGC works at iWeb, and so the business comes to them as a result.

2. Person or persons linked to the IRGC are long-time customers of iWeb, and so naturally they host those sites at iWeb (because they *like* iWeb, not least of which because their sites don't get taken down).

Those two scenarios are not mutually exclusive.

Note the IRGC's promotion of websites that call for the murder of Shahin Najafi.

Note that IWeb of Canada has a long history of hosting terrorists websites and also a long history of defending the hosting of specially designated terrorist entities.

Note their contact information here. If you are doing business with IWeb, please find yourself a new host.

UPDATE by SH: The sites in question have been removed. I would like to personally thank IWeb for removing said site. Hopefully, in the future, they will no longer host sites connected to the IRGC. Again thank you IWeb!

Thanks to all, especially Mean Kitteh, who helped. ;-)


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