June 11, 2012

Egypt Warns Citizens Not to Speak To Foreigners

They might be American spies, sent to Egypt to find out where our BILLIONS in foreign aid went...

The advertisements featured a man with Western features entering an Egyptian cafe. “From the start he knows why he came and for what purpose,” read the narration, accompanied by menacing music. “He will infiltrate your heart, as though you knew him forever.”

The ad went on to show three young Egyptians voicing their complaints about the behavior of the military and high fuel prices.

“Don’t just open your heart to anyone without knowing who he is and who stands behind him,” continued the narrator. “Every word has a price — a word can save the nation.”

Yes, we wouldn't want foreigners to really know how well the US Tax-payer funded "Arab spring" went...

The Foreign Hands warns against destabilizing the country.

Update: The Egyptian Government has removed the ads.

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