June 09, 2012

al-Shabaab Places 10 Camel Bounty on President Obama

10 Camels, you have to be kidding. And two more for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The United States offers millions for information leading to the capture of the world's most wanted terrorists.A Somali militant group has purportedly countered with an offer of camels for U.S. officials.Al-Shabaab has placed a bounty of 10 camels for President Barack Obama and two camels for information on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.An audio statement posted on jihadist websites purportedly from Al-Shabaab jeered news that the United States is offering millions of dollars for information on seven key members of al-Shabaab through its Rewards for Justice program.The man on the audio claimed to be Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, considered by the State Department to be Al-Shabaab's leading fundraiser. The United States has offered $5 million for information of his whereabouts."Whoever brings the mujahidin information about the whereabouts of infidel Obama and the lady of Bill Clinton, the woman named Hillary Clinton, I will give a reward,"
Personally I double the African Taliban can even come up with 10 camels. Besides everyone knows Americans aren't interested in Camels, we want beaver pelts. Lots and lots of beaver pelts.

Go ahead Mr. Obama, take em out. Just don't tell Astrodouche anything about it.

In case you're wondering I did some camel research and a good camel goes for about 3 to 7 thousand US dollars, even more if it has a machine gun mounted on it. Or was that a Toyota? Whatever. Making the offer somewhere between 30 and 70k depending on the quality of the camels, camel trim level and installed camel options.

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