June 08, 2012

Dispatches from Post-Democracy America

Day 3

I'm huddling in my basement wondering how the rest of the world is getting by after the democracy extinction event in Wisconsin on Tuesday. It's been incredibly rough on everyone out here in Pennsylvania, as the shock waves have spread nationwide. I can see children outside playing happily, but I know that deep down, they're depressed and fearful for their nation as I am, and this is how they're coping with it. Poor little guys.

Roving bands of individuals walk down the streets by day, and no doubt cling to MSNBC broadcasts by night - the only form of untarnished and REAL information we have left in this country that isn't owned by Koch Industries. It's probably only a matter of time before the power goes out because corporations buy the lines and shut them off. They know the threat information presents to them.

Tomorrow I plan on sneaking out through the vast wastelands that were once my proud country, following the creek line north for 5 clicks until I reach the rendezvous point, and will be meeting up with fellow survivors to begin assessing the damage to our society and to begin planning a way back to civilization. One can only pray we don't resort to eating human flesh as food supplies dwindle and things fall apart.

More to come.

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