June 05, 2012

Roger Simon: Obama Does Not Need Bill Clinton Undoing Obama2012's Lies About Romney and Bain

Mr. Simon I lived under the Clinton administration and I can tell you one thing, Obama is no Bill Clinton. Not even close.

Richard Grasso, then-chairman of New York Stock Exchange, stood up and said, “In my little corner of southern Manhattan, the Dow Jones industrial average during the course of President Clinton’s tenure tripled. We have the lowest unemployment in 30 years, and 16 million jobs have been created!
Uh yeah, with arguments like that you and Axeldouche should go to work for Mitt Romney. Because from where I'm sitting every time you start talking Obama's record on employment and the economy, well you talk about Obama's record on employment and the economy.

It has me longing for the good old days of the Clinton Administration not another four years of the Obama administration.

Update: No one knows Bill like Dick Morris knows Bill.

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