June 04, 2012

Four Islamists guilty of Danish terror plot over Muhammad cartoons (Update)

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Four men have been found guilty by a Danish court of planning a terrorist attack on the offices of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Copenhagen.[More details...see links below with asterisk..ed]

The court heard the men wanted to kill a large number of people in revenge for the paper's publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in 2005.

The four were all Muslims resident in Sweden. Police said they were arrested just hours before the foiled attack.

Munir Awad, Omar Abdallah Aboelazm and Munir Ben Mohamed Dhahri, a Tunisian citizen, were picked up by police on 29 December 2010 at a flat near Copenhagen.

Sabhi Ben Mohamed Zalouti was arrested a day later after crossing into Sweden, then extradited back to Denmark.

Update: The four terrorists were only sentenced to 12 f'n years!
The court sentenced each of the men to 12 years in prison for their part in the plot. The prosecution had asked for a 16-year penalty, citing the preparations the men had made and pointing out that they were just hours away from making their attack when they were stopped by police. The court decided that there was not a compelling reason to give the four a harsher penalty than had been doled out in previous terrorism cases.
Harsh my arse!

Related, a little "background" on three of them:
Thuggish drug-addled wife-beating rapists (you know, Mujahideen) (also bumped)

Munir Awad: In addition to his less-than-excellent adventures in Somalia and Pakistan, Awad - along with his brother - was convicted of assaulting a hotel security guard in 2003. Compared to his co-conspirators he's a saint.

Mounir Dhahri: A retired cocaine addict with a history of assault and domestic violence. He has previously injured both a girlfriend and a wife, and was convicted in 2004 of threatening to kill two employees of a Seven Eleven when they refused to allow him to "borrow" a phone. Also in 2004 Dhahri threw his then-girlfriend into a wall and strangled her, and then intimidated her to prevent her from testifying in court. He was convicted of assaulting his wife in 2000.

Omar Abdalla Aboelazm: This fine young man - born and raised in Sweden - successfully pled "insanity" after raping or otherwise sexually assaulting a 25-year-old woman, a 23-year-old woman, a 16-year-old girl, a 13-year-old girl and three 15-year-old girls. An assessment that he required psychiatric care and that he would likely remain a menace to society in the future evidently did not preclude his involvement in the terrorist plot (arguably it made him a valuable member of the team, assuming they could get him to Copenhagen without incident).

*Details of plot emerge in terror trial
*Recordings played in terrorism trial include defendants saying things such as: "Anyone in front of you, they die"
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Munir Awad's luck might just have run out

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