June 01, 2012

Court audio from Kimberlin V. Walker - Peace order - May 19th, 2012

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Day by Day by Chris Muir

You can listen here

Peace Order #: 0601SP019792012

Warrant leading to the arrest of Aaron Walker: 5D00279004

You gotta listen, unbelievable. The judge has no clue whatsoever of social media. Kimberlin even brought up "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".


Stranahan is right, he is the one that started Everybody Draw About Brett Kimberlin Day, not Walker.

Update: I embed the audio from the above link:

Netroots Nation Speaker, Democratic Consultant, Mixed Up w/ Convicted Domestic Terrorist
Walker Freed, Was Arrested for BLOGGING
Blogger Arrested for ... Blogging?
UPDATED -- Another UPDATE: Arrested for Assault?
Another UPDATE: IBD at Hearing "1st Amendment Muzzled"...by a Google Alert?

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