May 27, 2012

#BrettKimberlin: This Memorial Day Remember Nam Veteran Major Carl David De Long

carl delong.jpg
In Honor of 39 yr old Vietnam Veteran Major Carl De Long
Kimberlin was convicted as the so-called "Speedway Bomber," who terrorized the city of Speedway, Indiana, by detonating a series of explosives in early September 1978. In the worst incident, Kimberlin placed one of his bombs in a gym bag, and left it in a parking lot outside Speedway High School. Carl DeLong was leaving the high school football game with his wife when he attempted to pick up the bag and it exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, and embedded bomb fragments in his wife's leg. He was hospitalized for six weeks, during which he was forced to undergo nine operations to complete the amputation of his leg, reattach two fingers, repair damage to his inner ear, and remove bomb fragments from his stomach, chest, and arm. In February 1983, he committed suicide.
May Major De Long RIP and may Brett Kimbelin be haunted every day of his life for the misery he caused to Major De Long and his family.

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BTW, Brett Kimberlin, you are a convicted bomber and a assmaggot of all assmaggots!

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