May 26, 2012

Lawyers Suspect Kenyan Police in Terror Abduction

So, what's the problem?

Human rights officials accused the Kenyan police Friday of eliminating suspected terrorists after armed men dragged a terror suspect out of a car. He was the third terror suspect to be abducted since April.

Lawyer Mbugua Mureithi said Sylvester Opiyo, also known as Musa Osodo, is the "usual suspect" in terror-related investigations. Opiyo was abducted by armed men Wednesday after the car he was traveling in with five other people broke down in western Kenya, Mureithi said. Police have denied they are holding him.

"When the police begin to say we are not holding that person, that is a very dangerous sign . People are never seen again when police say they don't know where the suspects are," Mureithi said[..]

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said Friday the allegation that police are responsible for executions and abductions "is the work of fiction."

The three abductions are not the first time Kenyan police have been accused of extra-judicial actions against security threats. In 2007 the government-funded Kenya National Commission For Human Rights documented the executions and forced disappearances of more than 500 youths associated with a gang known for beheading its victims and running extortion rackets.

Police say Opiyo is one of hundreds of Kenyan youths who are sympathetic to the Somali militant group al-Shabab, which has vowed to attack Kenya in retaliation for its troop deployment.

Shame on the Kenyan police if this is true!

I fibbed on that last part. I don't like the African Taliban and their sympathizers, especially when they behead people. Missing could mean the African Taliban has them or something or dead. Yeah, dead is good.

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