May 25, 2012

Texas Senate Race : David Dewhurst, Illegal Immigration Enabler

dewhurst.pngIn the latest round of the hottest U.S. Senate primary in the nation, establishment candidate (and zillionaire) David Dewhurst is spending his millions attacking conservative challenger Ted Cruz with a claim that Cruz supports "amnesty."

This is a curious line of attack coming from Dewhurst, who never opposed in-state tuition for illegal aliens and actively worked as Lieutenant Governor to block bills banning sanctuary cities and supporting e-verify adoption. Mark Levin sets the record straight on Dewhurst here, and has more here.

Below the fold, a word from Maria Martinez, a well-known immigration activist in Texas who has tangled with Dewhurst many times:


I can't tell all of you how important this Senate race is to Texas. I'm sure that you remember how hard we worked during the last 2 legislative sessions in Austin to get a single bill passed to stop or even slow down the effects of illegal immigration. IRCOT met with Dewhurst's staff in 2009 urging him to get behind an E-verify bill but were politely shown the door. In 2011, we brought him the Texas Tea Party Coalition Letter on Illegal Immigration signed by nearly 3,000 Tea Party activists and never heard a word from Dewhurst. Dewhurst had every opportunity to do something to pass an anti-sanctuary city bill and DID NOTHING. When he could have used the rule to suspend the "blocker bill" and yet chose not to! This was even the most watered down bill that could have been written, and still he allowed it to be killed.

Many of you may have supported another candidate but we so need to defeat Dewhurst and keep him out of Washington where he will again do nothing. I think it's important to get the truth out that the very person who has accused Cruz of amnesty is the very one who was part of the "team" that killed all legislation to address illegal immigration in Texas for at least the last 3 legislative sessions. He must be defeated and I urge all of you to get the word out to your contact lists that Dewhurst is the real enemy on illegal immigration. He must be forced to a run-off.

Maria Martinez
Please note this is a personal note and does not necessarily reflect the views of IRCOT or its Board Members.
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Executive Director
Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT)

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