May 25, 2012

Democrats Launch "Get On The Tour Bus, B!tch" Campaign To Counter GOP's 'War On Women'

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett attended a Democratic rally and condemned the Republican's "War on Women." Immediately following that rant, gangsta rapper "Proph" performed.

Proph sang his most popular song (which no one outside his minuscule fan base knows), "Sucka Mc's" about "b!tches who ride me" and "make a nigga comfortable" and how "cash make the b!tches shake their asses."

The song ends with the repeated phrase "put the mic down and get on the tour bus, b!tch."

Gateway Pundit has more.

Republican Party Animals has even more.

If you are masochistic enough, you can hear the entire "Sucka Mc's" track HERE. Other songs from this "artist" (which were also performed at the rally) are available for preview as well.

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