May 24, 2012

Cornhole Watch: Waco: Domestic Terrorist Pfc. Nasser Abdo Found Guilty in Ft Hood Bomb Plot

Traitorous AWOL bitch! Previously he had applied for conscientious objector status claiming that Islamic law prevented him from killing other Muslims and the Defense Department gave it to him!


Update 4 p.m.: A Waco jury found Pfc. Naser Abdo guilty of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, attempted murder and four other charges Thursday afternoon. The AWOL soldier planned to detonate a bomb in a Chinese restaurant popular with Fort Hood soldiers and shoot the survivors. Sentencing is set for the summer.

Abdo, who was flanked by five U.S. marshals as the sentence was read, showed no reaction to the verdict.

Jurors deliberated for just a little over an hour before reaching their verdict, which followed three days of testimony from about two dozen witnesses. None would talk to reporters afterward.

h/t Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser: Pfc Nasser Abdo is an unmitigated traitor to the United States


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