May 19, 2012

#Occutards Protest Chicago Radio Station Believing It To Be Rush Limbaugh's Office

Well, his voice does come out of the radio, so he must be in there!

From The Blaze via IHateTheMedia:

A crowd of Occupy protesters in Chicago descended on Rush Limbaugh’s “office” Thursday to air their grievances about the conservative radio host.

The problem? Despite their references to”Rush’s office building“ and ”Rush Limbaugh’s studio,” they weren’t in the right place — not by more than 1,000 miles.


It wasn't Rush's EIB studio, it was an office of a radio station that airs Rush's program. Meanwhile, the #Occutards' New York counterparts gathered in front of the big screen in Times Square to give Mitt Romney a piece of their mind the next time he makes an appearance.

I'm with Pelosi on this - bless their hearts. They try so hard. They can't help being retarded. It's who they are.

The Blaze has more pictures of their march to nowhere.

Wasn't there a study a few weeks ago that claimed liberals were the smart ones?

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