May 16, 2012

Omar Hammami aka Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki Autobiography (Exclusive Must Cite Jawa Report)

Was just uploaded here.

I found it using the same Youtube account where he posted that he was in fear of his life by members of al-Shabaab.

In the Name of Allaah the Most Beneficent the Most Mericful. Indeed all praises are due to the Lord of the Worlds and may He send peace, blessings, and salaah upon His Messenger and upon his family and companions, as well as those who follow his guidance until the Day of Judgment.


Due to the unpredictable nature of the environment in the lands of Jihaad, I decided now is as good a time as any to release the first part of my auto-biography. Although nothing special, I thought my addition to the Jihaadi library could at least provide some benefit. I find the advice of Abu Muscab as-Suuri1 that we should document our history extremely important for a number of reasons: 1) events are happening more rapidly in the age of Globalization, 2) the war of narratives has become even more important than the war of navies, apalms, and knives, 3) with the internet, recording events and spreading reports of them has become extremely easy (so we should take whatever we can get).

Due to the necessity of security the first part of this auto-biography only reaches up to my affiliation with Xarakah ash-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin. I'm sure everyone can understand the need for such measures. But in all reality the lands of Jihaad are all similar and history inevitably repeats itself, so I would imagine that the following information is enough of a glimpse into reality to provide the foundations for future insight.

Still alive and well (by May 16 2012),
Omar Hammami

Gee Omar I don't know why you keep reaching out to Huffpo, they just ignore you. Hell they even use my copy of your video? What's up with that Ahki?

Update: Omar and Christof Putzel upset I beat them to press. U snooze you loose, losers.

Back to Omar's Autobiography, a self indulgent record of second grade recess. Also he tells how the Zionist Masons and Illuminati that control the massively profitable Alabama heating and cooling industry oppressed his hip hop ass, forcing him to abandon his wife and child and run off to Somalia for er, uh, greener pastures.

In the beginning the AC job was actually looking like it might be cool (pardon the pun). I actually fixed a friends AC by myself and I started filling up car ACs with refrigerant. But I found out that the whole business is run by Masons or something. If you don’t know the super duper sly snake under folded bi-forked tongue handshake you aren’t going to get the job no matter how smart you are..
He goes into great detail in a document that says, "I have a whole lot of time on my hands." House arrest must be so much fun.

Anyway, its full of childhood and family details only Omar would know so it's probably authentic.

Another time, Brandon, who was supposed to be my friend, decided to kick me in the nose with his cowboy boots. I never understood why he did that.
Way to go Brandon!

It says little about his status except that he's alive, very bored and apparently he's now allowed to access the internet. Although publishing this seems like he may have his doubts about how long this will be the case.

If you can get past the blow by blow account of Grade School, Jr. High and dropping out of college he eventually talks about Jihad and has a Q&A session in which he muses on the similarities between he and the late Steve Jobs. I shit you not.

Both you and the late Steve Jobs (of Apple Computers) were born to a Syrian father and American mother. Both of you dropped out of college, and both of you emerged as respective leaders in your chosen fields. Do you feel the both of you share any qualities that cause you to "Think Different"?
Oh and Huffpo, Suck it.

Update II: Here is Current TV's 's account of its exchanges with Hammami.

It appears Hamammi has been in communication with Christof Putzel of Current TV who also blogs at Huffpo for some time. Jawa Report intercepted the upload as Hamammi added a link to the description on his last known Youtube channel today.

Once considered a key figure of Al Shabaab’s leadership, posting videos on YouTube of leading battles in the field and recruiting other Muslim westerners to join him in Somalia, Hammami appears to have fallen out of favor with Al Shabaab and is currently alone in hiding. In March, he posted a video in which he described his fears that Al Shabaab may plan to kill him.

Hammami has been indicted on terrorism charges and is wanted by the FBI.


The Story of an American Jihaadi

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