May 15, 2012

AQI Decides Damascus Bombing Bad for Business

The leaders of a group called Al Nusra Front today decided that an earlier announcement that they pulled off a terrorist attack in Damascus made them look bad.

So the leaders who are most likely in Iraq issued a a statement to the press today saying "We never received any confirmation, acknowledgment or denial from our military sector in the front." So its kind of a non denial denial. But CNN ran it anyway even though they, like al-Qaeda in Iraq, are far from the front line fighters and have trouble getting information from inside Syria.

The leadership would like to do those kinds of attacks, they have done those types of attacks and glorified the outcome. But if the world wants to save them some bad press with Damascus was an Inside Job BS al-Nusra's leaders I'm sure are happy to play along.

We ran the claim earlier and our copy appears to be connected to Kavkaz Center which is a known Jihadist outlet that has demonstrated connections to front line militants in the past.

I seriously doubt that front line al-Qaeda fighters spend a lot of time worrying about what the leaders in Iraq think before they blow stuff up.

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