May 15, 2012

Inspire 9 Different Editor Same Anti-Semitism

Some basic analysis of the differences between AQAP's Inspire 8 and Inspire 9.


l Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's release of issues eight and nine of its English-language terrorist magazine, Inspire, serves as a reminder of the group's continued effort to target western audiences.

These issues, released on May 2, 2012, are the first since Samir Khan, believed to be the principal author of the magazine, was killed in a September 2011 drone strike along with popular jihadist ideologue and magazine contributor Anwar al-Awlaki. At the time, their deaths led to speculation of the media franchise's demise.


Inspire 8 is dated fall 2011 and does not address the eight-month delay of its publication. The feature article, written by al-Awlaki, offers religious justifications for attacking civilian populations. The article was written in response to reader-submitted questions, the most prevalent of which apparently concerned the religious authorization for attacks on civilians.

Awlaki condones and encourages the use of explosives, firearms, poisons, and chemical and biological weapons. The only limitation he apparently places is a prohibition on "the execution of women or children when the target is clear."

The article concludes that some of the material claimed to be authored by Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awlaki differs in editing style. Also discussed the above ad which appears with an article which urges Muslims to carry out acts of murder in the west which uses the Obama 2008 campaign slogan, "Yes we can!"

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