May 14, 2012

Daily Beast Cartoonist Depicts Israeli PM Eating Obama's Limbs...and
Raping Him?

@elivalley is gloating over the comments about his so-called "political" cartoon. Apparently the cartoon was meant to depict no matter what Obama does it is never enough for Israel/Netanyahu/Jews.

BigJ: Eli Valley, artist in residence at the far-left, Obama-supporting Jewish Daily Forward has created one of the most anti-Semitic cartoons ever published. Placed at, the radical website dedicated to anti-Israel rhetoric,
The hater in the sky / By Eli Valley
[ for the full cartoon or use BigJ link above] Eli Valley, Artist in Residence at The Jewish Daily Forward, is a writer and artist whose work has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. Eli is currently finishing his first novel. His website is and he tweets at @elivalley.
File this under assmaggots.

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