May 10, 2012

Look Mom, No Hand! The Memoirs of a One-Armed Combat Soldier

Star Wars geek! He is the first soldier in Israeli history to return to combat after an injury of this nature.

Via David Efune

"The Jewish Kid From Miami That Every American Should Listen To"

I am not going to praise him. From the short time we spent talking, I get the impression that he wouldn’t appreciate it. Either way, he’s just a regular American kid, a Star Wars geek no less, who happened to have been faced with extraordinary circumstances.

My simple aim is to use my soapbox to share his story, and explain why I think that amid the din of chattering voices that various media channels confront us with daily, his narrative is worth paying attention to.[Continue reading..]

Izzy is writing a book about his experiences in the IDF and he needs your participation to complete it! To learn more click on the link bellow and you will be sent to the website.
Strong young man, I hope he reaches his funding goal to get his story out.

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