May 10, 2012

Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

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When politicians want to look busy while avoiding tough decisions during an election year, what do they do? They form commissions and councils.

And when President Barack Obama saw Americans struggling with higher gasoline and home energy prices, did he encourage more domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling, or coal production, while lowering taxes on energy? Of course not.[...]

But to expedite this natural gas boom, President Obama recently decided to form an interagency natural gas council run by Cecilia Muñoz, a former community organizer with La Raza and White House bureaucrat with deep ties to George Soros, the billionaire investor who made his fortune in currency trading throughout the world while bankrolling liberal political efforts. Muñoz formerly led the Open Society Institute and the Center for Community Change, two organizations which are directly connected to Soros,, ACORN, and other fringe groups with a long record of opposing the development of America's oil and coal resources[...]

But if natural gas is an already cheap and abundant source of energy, why would we subsidize it?

The answer may be that the Soros Fund Management, which is Soros' investment vehicle, owns more than $90 million of shares in a Vancouver, British Columbia company which produces the same natural gas-powered engines which the act would encourage the use of[Continue reading..]

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