May 09, 2012

Daily Kos Diarist: Al Qaeda's Video of Hostage Warren Weinstein Made...
To Keep Obama From Getting Re-Elected

I'm totally disgusted this diarist would use Mr Weinstein's hostage situation like this.

Daily Kos: Terrorist Prefer Bush[Newsbusters]

Over at Daily Kos, "Zenox" wants the online world to know that President Obama is much, much scarier to Islamic terrorists than President Bush ever was. The worry is that al-Qaeda has "decided to make a showcase of a U.S. aid worker ( Warren Weinstein) kidnapped in Pakistan in 2011" and this "hostage who happens to be a Jewish American (I am guessing from his name)" is a trap to sabotage Obama's re-election.

We're assured "The Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamists do not want Barack Obama to get re-elected. Period. And frankly who could blame them? They had it pretty good during the Bush years." (Italics theirs.)More....]

Even the headline at Kos doesn't make one bit of sense: Taliban al-Qaeda Islamists Do Not Want Obama To Get Re-elected.

Who in the hell is "Taliban al-Qaeda Islamists"?

Of course they want the Republicans back in power and they are going to do everything in their power to sabotage Barack Obama’s re-election bid, including this recent trap they have set up against him. Really, did we, even one minute, think that they would want Obama, their nemesis, to get re-elected?

Furthermore, I swear, these Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamists (somehow lumped the way the right wing think tank meme fabricators lump Hitler, Socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, for example) wouldn’t be able to find more friendlier media than the current U.S. media, thus from the looks of it, they got it pretty good so far.


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