May 09, 2012

Enough Gnashing of Teeth Over Lugar

So Dick Lugar looses by 20pts to Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock. Lugar was a good Senator. He served Indiana well. But we shouldn't spend too much energy lamenting his retirement.

If you look at the state where Mourdock serves this is exactly the kind experience you want nationally. He was treasurer of a state that is fiscally strong with a growing economy and good education, no wonder the Washington establishment is scared shitless.

Dems also think this gives their candidate an opening. They intend to paint Richard Mourdock as a teabagger. Well watch out what you hope for. Look at the state of Indiana vs. its liberal neighbor Illinois. Indiana beats Illinois hands down in almost every category, balanced budget, Jobs, Education. You name it.

This was not done with partisan politics. It was done with common sense. Democrats there have been pragmatic. If your states finances are a mess, well you can't afford the programs you want and then no one gets any help. Republicans and Democrats there have worked together. And in the end Indiana has won.

On the other side of the Wabash river, Illinois, the state where our President cut hist political teeth has spent the last 20 years taxing and spending itself into an ever larger hole. The result of never making the hard choices to keep the state financially sound has been the exodus of jobs, even increasing taxes and fees, ever increasing deficit, reductions in state services, failure to pay bills, job losses.... corporate exodus. It never ends.

There's not single demographic advantage Indiana holds over Illinois. if anything Illinois has more good farmland, larger cites, just as much industrial and technological ability.

The one advantage Indiana has... A. Government. That. Works.

No matter what party you're from what do you want in DC? The liberal train of the cliff of Illinois community organized failure? Or would you rather have pragmatic pro growth Democrats and Republicans what work to make your state better than its neighbors.

Uh, Duh.

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