May 08, 2012

At Rabbinical Assembly Convention Biden Blames Bush For Iran Problem...

At least those are my thoughts concerning his words:

It's shameful of him to say that. It was Obama who refused to help the Iranian pro democracy forces:

During their brutally suppressed protests in 2009, Iranian freedom fighters sent the White House an urgent memo calling for help. Under Obama, America ignored it
Sorry gaffe prone Biden, this ain't gonna cut it as another gaffe. We all know where Obama stands, and it is not with Israel.

Right Scoop has more, including just how wrong Biden was in his statement

h/t Iran Evolution

UPDATE: I checked Carl in Jerusalem for possible thoughts on this, he has the video of Biden's speech. I am still listening to it but I don't believe Carl has heard the above. If he did he would certainly would have mentioned it.

UPDATE II: Apparently, I am not alone in the assumption that Biden is blaming Bush: Biden Blames Bush for Failures with Iran

Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday pinned the country’s rocky negotiations with Iran on the Bush administration, saying only after President Obama took office and made “good faith” efforts toward dealing with the rogue nation did the world realize Iran is the problem.

“By going the extra diplomatic mile, presenting Iran with a clear choice, we demonstrated to the region and the world that Iran is the problem, not the United States,” Biden said at the Rabbinical Assembly's annual convention in Atlanta[..]

Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said Biden comments were "outrageous."

"Iran was the problem then and it is the problem now," he said.

The Romney campaign also has statements in the above link. "Reckless" and "blame America first"

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