May 07, 2012

Afghan Government: Taliban, You Suck at Community Organizing!

And screw your un-Islamic spring offensive:

Via KFVS12

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - The Afghan government on Monday condemned the recent Taliban announcement of the start of their annual "spring offensive," calling it cowardly and un-Islamic and saying the country's forces would thwart any attacks.

The Taliban's offensive begins every year as snows melt and the weather warms across Afghanistan, making both travel and fighting easier. It normally leads to a surge of militant attacks throughout the country as the Taliban attempt to retake lost territory and intimidate the government.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul acknowledged a two-year, rarely used program to release detainees[ahh, most MSM didn't admit this program is Obama's idea..ed] from a military prison run by the American military near the capital, saying it meant to bolster reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

taliban_community orgainizers.jpg

But the Taliban announcement last week was another sign of the difficulty of reconciling with a group that has been fighting the U.S.-led coalition and Afghan forces for more than a decade. The Taliban said they would target anyone - from government workers to tribal leaders - who works against them and helps foreigners in their "occupation" of Afghanistan.
Our president, the community organizer...

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