May 03, 2012

Occupy Protestors Peacefully Attack Police, Hurl Bricks

Just like the Tea Party did! From Reuters:

The San Francisco Bay area was the scene of May Day demonstrations attended by hundreds of people on Tuesday, as similar protests roiled cities across the United States in what organizers said was a show of support for organized labor and opposition to income inequality.

Some marches devolved into vandalism and mayhem, including in Seattle where black-clad anarchists smashed windows.

Protesters who took over the vacant San Francisco building on Tuesday had hurled bricks and pipes at officers and people in the street, and a brick struck a bystander in the face, police said.

It was just some of them, wingnutz. You can't blame the actions of groups of Occupiers from cities across the country who are doing similar things on everyone in the movement. They're doing this for your own good, you 1%er jackbooted warmongers.

Throwing bricks and pipes at police and raping women in squalid tent cities is just an expression disdain for the corporate greedocracy or something.

God, the Tea Party was much worse than this, with their scary signs and their law-abiding gatherings where they said mean things about Obama's policies and then went home without causing riots or injuring police officers.

Why does the right hate America? Why are they acting like terrorists?

Update: Video added.

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