May 02, 2012

#UAWOW's War on Children

Photojournalist Ringo of Ringo’s Pictures attended their rally: "Women March Against the Phony War on Women Los Angeles, CA 4/28/2012". UAWOW, ie; Unite Against the War on Women.

The marchers apparently didn't give a damn and brought their young children to witness their profanity laced tirade:


At one point after a speaker gratuitously used the words "penis" and "vagina" again and again, a young girl of perhaps 7 or 8 standing at the front of the stage put her hands over her ears and yelled out, "Hey, there are children here!" to which the woman on stage replied, "Some day you’ll find out what your vagina is for, and then you’ll thank me". The crowd had a good laugh.

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Evil Rush Limbaugh! Evil Rethuglicans! Evil Conservatives! We want free contraceptives, abortion on demand!!

Be sure and read it all, one women gave a speech saying "she wish her mother had had the abortion option". Yeah, that stupid.

Zombie also has a updated post at PJMedia

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