May 02, 2012

#Occupy Modi operandi: that does not represent Occupy..


Around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, the corner of Turk and Gough was a dangerous place to be. That's when a protester climbed on the roof[of "occupied" bldg..] and began hurling hunks of metal pipe and bricks over and over again. Several bricks were aimed at the officers on Turk Street, but the only person hurt appeared to be one of the demonstrators who was hit in the face according to police.

The suspect from the roof was taken into custody when he left the building. Police arrested 34-year-old Jesse Nesbit of San Francisco for felony aggravated assault on a police officer. Police won't say if they will let protesters stay in the building[...]

"I think that it horrible, but that does not represent Occupy," protester Quincey Carr said.

Like Hell it doesn't!

Here's a couple, but that does not represent Occupy, examples:

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Police Seize Bombs Rocks Pry Bars Bags of Shit from #OccupySeattle goons

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