April 27, 2012

Are Muslims More Violent And Criminal?

Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels wrote an essay on his conclusions after studying Muslim and non-Muslim youths at a Copenhagen youth prison. Sennels discovered a distinct difference between the two groups.

Sennels writes:

As a psychologist in Copenhagen's youth prison I had a unique chance to get insights into the culture and religion of Muslims and the causes for the violent behaviour and high crime rates among Muslim immigrants. My Muslim clients told me their stories from their families and communities, about life in their home countries, about their experiences with and views on non-Muslims and the Danish society. I had around 150 Muslim and 100 Danish clients on my couch. They all came from the same age group (12-17 years) and the two groups had on average the same social and economic background. Most of them were found guilty, but a large part also proved to be innocent. I thus had a very good opportunity to compare Muslims and non-Muslims psychologically.

The conclusion is that there are strong psychological differences between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is also clear that Muslim culture influences Muslims in a way that makes them more likely to become criminal and display anti-social behaviour - especially towards non-Muslims and non-Islamic authorities.

The report is long, but well worth the time. It covers different areas of the Muslim psyche and compares with non-Muslims from similar social environments. The conclusions are fascinating, if not surprising.

Read it all.

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