April 26, 2012

Al Shabaab Has Not Denied Rumors of Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki's (aka Omar Hammimi) Death

Earlier today a supposed statement by al-Shabaab was put out stating Hammimi was alive and well and stuff. But wait, was it really from al-Shabaab?

Via Roggio

The problem with the AP report is that Somalimemo.net, the website that released the statement, is not an official Shabaab website. Abdulkadir M. Wa'ays, a former United Nations researcher and a leading authority on Shabaab who is based in Belgium, told The Long War Journal the following:
I can confirm to you that al-Shabaab had not issued any official statement on the matter as yet and that the AP is just using as [an official] Shabaab statement an opinion piece published by a pro-Shabaab Somali language website Somalimemo.net, which is not, BTW, al-Shabaab's official website as reported by the AP.[ More...]
Today, Howie spotted a video, dated yesterday, from Hammimi: Abu mansoor al-amriki A Quick Message. They just recycled one from a year ago.

Cat and mouse game in play here.

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