April 26, 2012

Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) Responds to EPA Apology For Using The Word Crucify..(Update-WH Press Conf)

[Update: Video of Carney questioned at the press conference today. The media was certainly trying to help their bud Obama out. The video is below the fold]

If you didn't read my post last night, the background on this is here

Also read Energy in Debth's background on EPA's Al Armendariz. Note, the article has since been updated to include Armendariz apology:

EID has followed closely the actions of EPA’s Region 6 office in Dallas, and specifically its decision to issue an endangerment order against Range Resources back in 2010 despite clear scientific evidence in contradiction of its charges (embarrassingly for the agency, EPA had to withdraw that order earlier this year). This includes pointing out how the Administrator for that office, Al Armendariz, gleefully emailed activists in the area (prior to the official announcement) that EPA was “about to make a lot of news” and that it was “time to Tivo channel 8.”

That news, of course, was that EPA “determined” Range Resources had contaminated drinking water in Parker County, Texas. Local anti-shale activist Sharon Wilson cheerfully responded, “Hats off to the new Sheriff and his deputies!”[...]

One of Armendariz’s original claims to fame — or infamy, perhaps — was his paper in 2009, which found that “the oil and gas sector likely has greater emissions than motor vehicles” in the five counties comprising the Dallas-Fort Worth region (“emissions,” in this case, referred to nitrogen oxides [NOx] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs]). That paper, written while Armendariz was a professor at Southern Methodist University, was widely celebrated by activists, who — possibly as a “thank you” to the professor — actively pushed for Armendariz to be appointed Administrator of EPA’s Region VI office. Upon assuming office, groups like the Sierra Club celebrated, calling it “great news” because the industry was “having an ‘oh sh–’ moment” about the appointment Other shale opponents, including area resident Sharon Wilson, appeared happily in pictures with Armendariz.

To this day, opposition groups still cite the talking point that oil and gas production generates more emissions than all the cars and trucks in the DFW region, a claim that ultimately gets traced back to Armendariz’s paper.

Alinksy's Rules for Radicals at play.

Via Energy in Dept link:

This is anti-shale activist's phony video (Sharon Wilson) about Range Resources:

Click this link to see a picture of Armendariz & Wilson looking very happy about what they thought they achieved.

Obama's decision over Keystone Pipeline is in play here.


Selectively edited, etc. Disgusting kiss arse of the One.

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