April 25, 2012

Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) to Investigate EPA's Crucify Them Strategy

Update: Forbes has a excellent read for background on this: EPA Official Not Only Touted 'Crucifying' Oil Companies, He Tried It Also read Energy in Debt's article showing Armendariz link to environmentalists

EPA's website, Area 6, fear mongering order against Range Resources. No proof, just one citizen complaining. Oh, Al Armendariz apologized last night for his comment. Too late beotch.

Lengthy, but well worth the watch:

In a speech on the Senate floor, Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, announces that he has launched an investigation into the Obama-EPA's apparent "crucify them" strategy targeted at American energy producers. This investigation will look into EPA's actions towards domestic energy production specifically in light of the agency's recent efforts relating to hydraulic fracturing.

Inhofe's announcement today follows several questionable statements from top EPA officials, including comments released in a little-watched video from 2010, which reveals EPA Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz admitting that EPA's "general philosophy" is to "crucify" and "make examples" of oil and gas companies.

The video he discussed:

Strong arming, it's the Obama way.

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