April 25, 2012

Was America Conned in the Shaima Alawadi Murder Case?

Toronto Sun:

At the time of this murder by a supposed white Islamophobe in El Cajon, California, on the other side of America the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was triggering widespread anger among African Americans.

However, the bubble soon burst. A police report said the attacker was not a white male, but “a skinny dark-skinned male” who was seen running from the area of Alawadi’s house on the morning of the murder.

Then it was disclosed the murdered woman was seeking a divorce. Instead of a hate crime, the possibility of an honour killing was now being considered.

The Muslim groups have since gone into full retreat. Their latest campaign is to ensure “honour killing” does not appear in the media, but rather “domestic violence.”

Do bears you know.

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