April 24, 2012

Gaza Palestinians to Hamas: Where are all the dead Jews we were promised?

Canada Free Press:

Gazans blame Hamas for their economic condition and the relative lack of terrorism against Israel.

srael bashers constantly tell anyone that will listen to them that Israel is responsible for poverty in Gaza and for Gazans lack of goods and services and that ordinary Gazans cannot and should not be held responsible for terrorist acts committed by their Hamas rulers.

That’s not what ordinary Gazans think.

Gazans are disappointed that Hamas has not carried out more terrorist acts against Israel because they are unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and are consumed by Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism...

... A young mother who was interviewed asked “Where are all the dead Jews we were promised?” and blamed Hamas for not killing more Jews than it has, for not providing her with more Jewish corpses than it has. Ordinary Gazans in their multitudes are asking the same question.

Remember Islam is a religion of (insert BS here).