April 17, 2012

Jews who disparage Israel and their fellow Jews are today’s wicked sons and daughters

CAMERA's Sarit Catz' op-ed in the JPost: "The wicked sons".

In it, he takes to task the NYTimes op-ed by Peter Beinart, columnist Tom Friedman, and M. J. Rosenberg, formerly of Media Matters[..ed]

...........Beinart, Friedman, Rosenberg and others in this clique of Jewish Israel-detractors decry charges of anti-Semitism. Yet they actively hold Israel and Jews to an unattainable double standard, promote the idea that Jews secretly control, or attempt to control, global politics and disseminate charges that Jews are a disloyal fifth column. To say this is not anti-Semitism is to say The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not anti-Semitic.

These Jewish Israel-detractors disparage “geriatric” pro-Israel Americans, pretending to speak for young, cool Jews. How ironic, then, that they personify a concept illustrated in the Haggada, written, according to scholars, in the third or fourth century.

Israel’s Jewish defamers are the embodiment of the Wicked Son who, had he been in Egypt at the Exodus, would not have been redeemed. What makes this son wicked and unworthy of redemption? Only that he sets himself apart from, and above, the rest of his people.[More..]

Excellent put down of these self-hating Jews, I might add...

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