April 17, 2012

Libyan Rebels We are not al-Qaeda but we would love to join.

Investigative Project:

Libya is in chaos and ripe for a takeover by extremists, argues VICE News correspondent Sherif Elhelwa in his new documentary "Waiting for al-Qaeda." Traveling into the heart of the pro-al-Qaeda faction in Libya's east, Elhelwa shows the real life of Libya's Islamist movement.

"As an oil-rich country packed with rebels who were wary of authority, Libya had left the door open to extremist groups hungry for power. The question wasn't if al-Qaeda would spread into Libya, but when," Elhelwa states. His quest to bring the story to light began when he saw the black flag of al-Qaeda flying over the rebel central headquarters in Benghazi. When he confronted a local guard over the symbolism, he was told, "whomever speaks ill of this flag, we will cut off his tongue."

But like Rusty says. Its not anything to worry about much. Its just normal there.

I mean its not like they want to wipe us out or anything.

Abdel Hakim Al-Hasadi claims that killing isn't enough for the forces that committed crimes at Abu Ghraib. Rather, "I'd wipe them out," he says with a wave of his hand.
Sorry, my bad.....

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