April 12, 2012

What's With All The Disappearing News on The Murder of Shaima Alawadi?

Today I wanted to get an update on the story of Shaima Alawadi's murder. I mean last I heard CAIR was quoted as saying her family would return to the US from Iraq within two weeks of her funeral.

Which is good because there are questions you know?


So I go to Google News to look for updates and I find this.


Notfound, down the memory hole.

Try next story.


Notfound, also down the memory hole.

In fact Google News has no updates at all since March 27th? Why is it that all the interest in this woman's death has suddenly dissolved into thin air? Why are the only stories that remain parroting the hate crime narrative while none list recent developments in the evidence?

What does she not deserve justice? Is there some sort of problem with the narrative?

When will her family return to the US to help investigators clear up this issue and find justice for Shaima?

Apparently CAIR don't care about Shamina now. But it never hurts to ask I always say.

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